Credit Repair
  • Access to more money, you have access to actual cash by using cash advances and access to buy things in need or just wants.
  • A good credit payment history and low balances just open up your credit file to more opportunities and more options and again more money.
  • Your credit profile is looked at as trustworthy and reliable and you can get almost anything you want. Ex(I have an exceptional payment history on my car loan which is through a credit union. I needed to purchase a work vehicle and they cut me a check for 25K no questions asked.
  • When repairing your credit and disputing items you must stay consistent it’s a continuous back and forth process that takes time and diligence.
  • When looking forward to making a large purchase such as a home, you must monitor your credit and not open new lines of credit, If you’re going to make a payment late please pay it before it’s 30 days late because then it will be reported to the credit bureaus and this can significantly decrease your score.
  • Once you have repaired your credit and you have many open lines of credit keep them below utilization which is 30% or less than the credit limit. Stay on top of your game, use auto pay to make sure your payments are on time.




The truth, my perspective, your stories

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The truth, my perspective, your stories

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