When you’re young they adore you

They spend time with you, agree with you, show interest in your hobbies

You’re so cute and sweet, smiles, photos and hugs and kisses

And then out of nowhere a demon appears

Those smiles turn to evil looks and jokes about you

The same people who loved you so much and raised you hate you

They hate you for being you, part of which they made

They hate you because you became everything they’re not

They try to torture you because it gives them gratification to feel like they are better than you

When you’re not trying to be better than anyone you’re just being yourself.

You then isolate yourself because you feel uncomfortable around them

You don’t have a social circle where you belong

And clearly this has nothing to do with race or gender you’re the black sheep around most people

You try to blend in but it doesn’t matter all you do is stand out

The black sheep; the one they hate and the one they want to be.




The truth, my perspective, your stories

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The truth, my perspective, your stories

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