Easy Diet Tips to Start Today (Drafts)

  1. Limit sugar intake, opt for natural sweeteners like honey, the article below explains more in depth what happens to your body when you take in too much sugar. I personally drink water daily and outside of that fruit smoothies or tea with honey. I drink pop or soda once in a blue moon. I now look at the amount of sugar that’s in anything I drink If it’s over about 13g it’s too much. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324854
  2. Limit salt or sodium intake, pay attention to the amount per serving. Lately I’ve been snacking on some Turkey snack sticks, basically slim jims. They have 350 mg per serving, a serving is 2 sticks. 350 mg is high, don't eat more than 2. I like quick frozen food snacks like Potstickers and Egg Rolls. The Pork Egg rolls have 500mg of sodium for just one!! Thats way too high. I can only eat 1. It’s hard to limit salt intake especially in processed food or fast food.
  3. Avoid processed food, basically if it doesn't come in it’s original form you need to limit it. I cut out fast food altogether, maybe once a month If you have no other option. Lunch meat like turkey can be a good alternative when you need something quick like a sandwich. I just looked at my Genoa Salami and that is 790mg of sodium compared to the turkey at 400mg per slice, clearly no more salami for me.
  4. Red meat, I eat red meat rarely, 1x a month. Red meat takes longer to digest and I know this because after eating red meat many times it doesn’t come out for 3 days. I forgot to mention in the illustration that you need to have a bowel movement everyday if not every two days, if you don't there is a serious problem, you need to be expelling what you eat consistently .
  5. Dairy/Eggs, baby’s and children need the dairy more than we do to develop a part of their brains, we as adults don’t really need dairy, you can fact check this, I’m sure there are arguments for both but the truth is what work’s best for your body. I would also limit the egg intake, please do your research these are just my opinions on a way to jump start your dieting.
  6. White rice and pasta, anything white like rice and flour has been processed multiple times, healthy grains are said to be better although I’m sure there are some against this theory. When I eat pasta I also notice it takes longer to digest, I feel way fuller and pastas and processed white bread seem to stick to your body, they don’t provide anything but carbs.
  7. Drink water before you eat a meal because it helps with digestion and limits your food consumption. Water hydrates and cleanses, drink at least 2 liters for women and 3 for men, may sound easy but it’s not that's a lot of water. Try spring water for the best consumption because purified doesn't mean it’s better, it’s been chemically treated.




My truths, my perspective, your stories

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My truths, my perspective, your stories

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