Negative Nancy

A Black Perspective
2 min readMay 9, 2021


Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash

It’s highly likely If you live around an environment similar to that pictured above; your perspective on life will be that of trial and tribulation. You can’t control where you’re born but you can control where you’re going. Negative Nancy, someone who looks at the glass half empty, someone who constantly finds a way to downplay new ideas, someone who simply seems to have a problem with everything. You know you’re dealing with a negative nancy if you hear them say things like;

“Why would you want to do that”

“I’m not going there”

“Have you been there before”

Excuse after excuse to somehow deter you from wanting what you want when deep down they want to have these experiences too but they put up a fight because they are either afraid that something good will come out of it for you or they build a wall because they have no experiences and they are ashamed. My poem to “Negative Nancy”

I see you

I see that you need something to complete you

White rice, can only be good with a hint of jasmine, cilantro and lime or as a side to a meat dish or maybe sushi

The white rice is important because without it a creation couldn’t be formed But alone the white rice is nothing, empty

I’m angered when I see you, it bothers me that you have no life

What’s even worse is that no one else sees it because they too are white rice

They don’t even care to tell you, but I tell you and you reject it

Rejected, by those who are supposed to love me

Rejected by those I’ve tried to help

Rejected because of truth

I stand rejected, by everyone I know, except my kids. Though they don’t know what rejection means they can feel it

It pains me that so many can’t see by rejecting me they reject themselves

I pray one day they all will see.

The subtitle is “A Black Perspective” because I see this negativity in black people the most.



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