Vibrations and Frequencies are Real

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More than ever before we’re hearing about “good vibes”. The truth is you won’t always be around good vibes but you can change that. Just as you listen to certain music and make you feel a certain way or bring up a memory, people and their energy can do the same. Have you ever wondered why you’re irritated when a certain person comes around, or why you’d rather not be around some people? Your body is producing a chemical reaction through energy vibrations that make you feel this way. This education is prevalent in Eastern culture, at least that is where I believe it originated from. It is just now becoming a way of life in Western culture today. Either the westerners knew about it but chose not to speak on it or just blew it off like nothing.

“I’m here to tell you it’s real and it’s the key to happiness”.

Most people don’t do things they want in life because of fear, fear of loss, and fear of what others may say or think. You have to make changes if you want to live differently. I’ve been surrounded by low vibrations my whole life. When I got the chance to move out of state for college years ago I didn’t have to think twice. I was young and impressionable and didn’t really understand what these “feelings” or “vibrations” meant. I’ve had to eliminate so many people from life, even family members and it’s very hurtful because these are the people you’ve known your whole lives, but they are stuck in low vibration and just don’t get it. Here are some tips to better understanding how to react to your feelings.

  • Don’t ignore your feelings. Sure someone can have a bad day and yes the offer may sound good. If you notice something inside that “gut feeling” that’s say’s something isn’t right, it’s probably not. Don’t ignore it, we all have this ability to connect with our inner being.
  • Do what is necessary for you to be happy. If you don’t find fulfillment out of certain friends or a job, make the change. There is nothing worse than not wanting to be where you’re at. Sure it may be lonely but in time you’ll find people with who you can connect.
  • Fake Friends, energy good or bad is there. Some people may pretend to like you for a benefit or just to get close to you to destroy you, be mindful of who you trust with your innermost thoughts feelings.

Be prepared for some backlash but you have to truly want the best for yourself and if those around you have negative energies or no energy at all you don’t want to keep them around. Hint: you can slowly but surely become too busy to hang out or talk, They will eventually get the point.




The truth, my perspective, your stories

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The truth, my perspective, your stories

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